Stephan Weis


Trainee Teacher at Wald-Gymnasium Berlin


At the Banach and Nikodym Memorial Bench in Kraków, photo taken by Karol Życzkowski (2017).
Research in Mathematics. Geometry of Quantum States:
— linear images of the set of quantum states (numerical ranges and joint numerical ranges)
— quantum marginals
— constrained states in separable Hilbert spaces
— topology of quantum mechanical inference maps
— information geometry and information topology of Gibbs states with several parameters

Connections to the Sciences. Research in the interdisciplinary field of quantum information theory: correlation, inference, communication, cryptography

Teaching. I am experienced at teaching exercise classes at the university level, both in the traditional frontal instruction as well as fostering and supervising participatory classes lead by the students. I enjoyed similar participatory teaching at the secondary level in project weeks with students of different ages. I am also trained in digital teaching using video conference tools (BBB and Zoom).

publications: articles, theses

presentations: slides, posters, and a video

profiles: arXiv, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Mathematics Genealogy Project, MathSciNet, ORCiD, ResearchGate, Scopus, Web of Science, XING, zbMATH

Erdős number = 3: Chains of this length are

Paul Erdős Arthur L. Rubin Leiba Rodman SW

Paul Erdős Mario Szegedy Jérémie Roland SW

links regarding climate change
— The RealClimate blog → Start here
— Spencer Weart's `The Discovery of Global Warming' (AIP)
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